Saudi Medical Services Ltd understands the importance of supply chain ...

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MPD has been operating in the Market of Saudi Arabia since early 1980's...

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Our Strength

Our history reflects our presence and durability during all changing business ...

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Our Mission

Saudi Medical Services Ltd recognizes that its services will end up with the patients of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and elsewhere covered by its operations; hence since its inception SMS has been dedicated to provide the best healthcare's products and services possible at the reasonable cost to its diversified customers.

SMS's mission extends to its entire Stakeholders by protecting there interests through a firm structure properly pursued and controlled by its Management. SMS considers community it operates within as a major Stakeholder.

The Company, a partnership entirely owned by Saudis citizenship, was established back in 1981 with a capital aggregated to SAR 200 million.

Saudi Medical Services was established 30 years ago, it has two main activities: Hospital Operations (HOD) and Medical Supplies (MPD) within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The "Medical Products Division" represents a number of world leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of medical equipments & instruments, lab products, and disposable in the KSA.

SMS has established flexible strategies to explore the rapidly changing business environment. SMS has well organized and qualified Staff in various area of Business: management, planning, forecasting, marketing, operations, maintenance, Sales, and after sales services.



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